I check and see if anyone knows someone who needs the clolthes, and if not, I donate them to a close closet. Some churches have them. Or I donate them to GoodWill. I wouldn't advise selling them to Once Upon a Child. I had a pretty bad experience with them

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Yeah I was hoping that they would do what htey said they would do in the comercials. But I took 2 boxes of clothes up there. None of them were worn or stained or ripped or old. They only bought 5 onesies out of the whole lot and paid me $3.05. I had to go back to the store 4 hours later so that They would pay me. Then I looked around. The website said they would pay you 25% - 50% for each price of item they sell it for, but even a person like me, who's not so good in math knows that if I only get $3.05 and they sell each item for $4, that's not even 25%.
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