Has anyone ever said to you?

I had a friend of mine, that said something to me that today kind a sticks and bothers me. Maybe its just me (which is possible) but why is it when people who never struggle to get pregnant, have to make comments that hurt those that do? I struggled with my first pregnancy and been trying for #2 for a while now with no success (though my husband and I have still have faith). I realize the comments made such as this one "well don't you already have one? " may not come off as bad as it made me feel but from someone who has 3 kids already and wasn't even trying to get pregnant with the third one, it hurts, like a slap in the face. I was in shock for my friend to say that to me that I couldn't even respond. Later, I thought wait a minute you 3 have three kids, why do you have three? Perhaps, you wanted the second one for the same reasons, I do. I think its a great blessing to have kids, 1 or more, so not saying there is anything wrong with her having 3 kids at all. However, I would think the same reasons apply to me, with wanting 2 kids as they would apply to her, you know? I think it was a bit insensitive of her to respond to me like that, when I was voicing how I felt of not being able to get pregnant. I think that people who don't have the same struggles, as others do, really don't understand the heartache, the frustration, sadness and all that goes with each failed month of trying and those people really need a dose of reality at times. I suppose the same things holds true not with just these types of struggles but other struggles in general. Here's hoping that people become a bit more compassionate for those that are struggling. Blessings!

    I do not like when people make comments like this either ... Choice is everything and if it means one or 20 it is just as hard
      Thank you everyone! At least now I don't feel alone with how it made me feel. I tried to talk to others about it and they just said that I was reading much more into it then needed. Perhaps, in a way I was but at the same that doesn't give her the right to say something like that either. All I can do is move on from it and not allow that to stress me out, there are far more important things to be stressed out about then someone who doesn't really care about me. I just one day would like those people to experience how it feels so they know, you know?

      Thanks again everyone! Many blessings to you!
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