hi, i'm new to the group. i'm a young mom to a beautiful 8 month old daughter. currently working as a housekeeper... (previous back injury makes it hard at times tho), i always dreamed of finding the right work at home job/business/career so i can focus most of my time on my daughter since i'm a first time mom. i don't want to miss her "firsts" and i feel like i already have missed some :( i missed her sitting unsupported for the first time on valentines day (went to get her from sitter's and i got to see her sitting up, but it wasn't her first time sitting up that day) and a few other events that i missed due to work. i don't have any friends/followers so feel free to add me. i'll be adding more tomorrow after work... i should be in bed resting up for another long day at work tomorrow...

    Hi Coreena :) Welcome! I'm new to this site too!
      Hi Coreena! Welcome and glad to have you here! You are in for a wonderful time with your little one. i know when I had my first I opted to stay home and watch a few children in my house... is that an option for you as it would be easier on your back!
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      a young mom to a beautiful lil girl. would love to work at home and be a part of my daughter's life.