Oh how this resonates!

I want a fourth baby and my hubby does not...he thinks we have enough at three... he is probably right because a fourth baby would mean starting over at this point (our youngest is almost 6) ...but I still WANT more children even though the rationalization is telling me no.
i am happy that I have 3 beautiful children i have been blessed with and in the future should I be granted another baby i will be just as happy!

What to do:
Be supportive of your partner and have open conversation. Without an open line of conversation it can be nothing but disagreement. Try to see each others side of the issue...the why's and why not's. This could be beneficial to both sides of the cause and at least see where the other person is coming from.

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    yeah ... so far we are at an impass ...
      Oh, Magen, this resonates so much with me. I am leaning towards trying for a 4th, but my husband isn't keen on the idea, to say the least! It's very tough b/c it's not the kind of thing you can compromise about...Actually, my husband and I went to speak to a family therapist about it, not because we are having marital trouble, but because we want to prevent it. And this therapist told us that many, many couples at our stage are having these same conversations. And it's tough b/c you don't want to resent each other later on for whatever decision is made.

      His homework assignment to us was to imagine, in realistic detail, what our life would be like with a 4th child and to be 100% honest with each other about our feelings. When my husband began to realize how much I've been thinking about this issue (for over a year now!), it made him stop to consider it more seriously, which is not something he was doing before. So I feel like even if we don't have that 4th child, at least I have expressed myself fully.

      (Also, there's of course no guarantee of having another kid as I'm already 38...So don't want to "want it" too much, if you know what I mean!)

      Good luck to you in your decision-making, but don't hold back. Tell your husband how you really feel deep inside and listen to him in the same way. Whatever decision we make, I am going to try my best to "own it" and not have any regrets in the future.
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