My first ultra sound:)

Little babe at 7 weeks!

My first ultra sound:)
    Thank you! I am super excited! This is our second baby! Our first daughter was born preterm, and sadly we lost her 6 days after she was born. I was 23 weeks when I had her..... My due date is Oct 11, but i will have the baby in September bc i had to have an emergency c section with Sawyer (my first daughter) so i will go at like 36-38 weeks :)
    I am feeling good! ready to be out of the first trimester! Also I wil be happy with a boy or girl:) I think its a girl but i had a dream its a boy so time will tell! I will make sure i post on here:)
      I am feeling good!! I am just sleepy, you know the normal LOL i better get all the sleep now huh! lol Thank you Christine, it was very very hard.. it took us 4 years to get pregnant and with this one it only took 3 months! so i def feel this is such a beautiful blessing! I am just on cloud 9 and i am so lucky because i have a beautiful angel looking over me and her dad & littler brother or sister:)
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