Junk food During Pregnancy Dangerous?

I wouldn't say that it is dangerous, but high amounts of junk food and sugar are certainly NOT recommended. Everyone has cravings and you can indulge once in a while, but you really don't even need that many more calories when pregnant. "eating for two" is just a myth. And it is always best to maintain a balanced healthy diet.

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    For some reason when I was pregnant I didn't want junk food anymore. I've always been a chocolate junkie but it never satisfied once I was pregnant. Ice cream will always be my husband so I did indulge every once in a while but I also developed gestational diabetes so I had to be careful. The good part about being pregnant is that you're ALWAYS at the docs office so ask away! Nutritionists can also give you really good recommendations on tasty alternatives to the junk you're craving.
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