Fascination With Phones and Electronics

My daughter is OBSESSED, with my phone and loves to carry it around, but throws an absolute fit when I take it from her. Same with really anything electronic the remote or computer. We have tried to give her old ones to have for her own...but nope, she knows they don't work and where the good stuff is. What have you done about this? Or do you just deal with it? What in the heck is the fascination with these things!?

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      Oh yeah.. My kids LOVED anything that I had that I carried .. my keys, phone, wallet.. they were almost possessive about it as well as obsessive.. And you're right.. I would try to give them their own phone.. and it never worked.. they knew I was trying to dupe them with one that didn't have everything I had.. I think they want what you're having lol..

      It passes, but it's annoying.. I know..
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