introducing food

just a question when did yall start introducing food to your babies? And what foods? Also what about juice or water?

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      We started with baby cereal at about 4.5-5months, very watery at first then thickened as she got used to it, and only a table spoon or two at a time. Then at around 6 months we introduced pureed foods or your typical "baby food" We started out with veggies so that she wouldn't only want to have the sweet stuff. Again started slow at first with one meal around lunch just a bout half a container at a time. We eventually worked our way up to a fruit and veggie at each meal. Then around 9-10 months she started eating a little bit of table food.
        I started with my daughter at 6 months of age starting with stage 1 foods for a couple of months and moved on to the next stage. I have heard you start with vegs first for a few weeks, then fruit and then meats. Kind a training them to eat healthy at an early age. You can start them on water at 6 months or so but don't give too much as you want them to drink the formula or breast milk first. I think I started at 8 months with her. I didn't give her juice really until she was out of diapers because juice its self (some more then others depending on the type of juice), can cause diaper rash due to the acids and sugar and the how sensitive your child is to that. My daughter never had diaper rash at all, which I think is because of that. With that, she also prefers to drink water now over juice which of course is better anyway. Of course, this is just a suggestion and you need to do what works best for you and your child. All the best to you!
          I always gave water.. even when they were tiny babes, I let them play with a bottle of water.. As for food, I waited until they were able to hold themselves up and sit up mostly.. and what they were able to grab and put in their own mouths.. started with fruit and cheese and pieces of bread for a bird... chicken pinches.. etc.. it's a fun time!
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