Question. For anyone trying to get pregnant and found out they had a BFP.

Did you guys have any symptoms at all before finding out? I'm just curious really because everyone is different its nice to hear what goes on out there.

    I had the weirdest thing going on. Before heading for work in the afternoon I would get cleaned up and brush my teeth and would stop to get Wendy's fries and to the taste I thought they had put sugar on the fries. So one day I decided I wasn't going to brush since I've brush in the morning and still the fries was sweet. Then one day one of my friends cooked and I was the only one complaining that the food was salty and two weeks later I found out I was prego.
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    A mom of a 4 year little girl and we are trying for number 2, praying it will happen soon, as I'm totally getting older. I'm looking for work at home opportunities as well.