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So I am having a hard time right now ... This pregnancy i feel is a miracle to me.. after losing my first daughter, the thought of coming back to work gives me a panic attack... Do any of you work from home? If so what do you? I thought about baby sitting but my house is too small right now... however i do need to bring in money for my family as well as my husband, but i would love to work from home! Any tips!?! Thanks ladies :)

    Nikki, I am so sorry for your loss. Big hugs to you!

    The link Leah shared is a great resource! Have you ever worked from home before? What type of work are you looking for?

    When I started working from home I used past experience to try to make it work. For quite a long time I worked as a contractor for small businesses that needed someone to do their payroll. I also did taxes on the side (still do) and have been a content writer for different companies. Right now I work in customer service at home and am a site hostess here. There are so many possibilities really for what you can do!
      no i havent worked from home before.. right now i am a wellness advocate for doTERRA essential oils but i am not making enough off of that right now to match my paychecks now... my biggest worry also is if i have to be put on bedrest, which is a possibility, i want to know that we will be secure in money ya know ... so i really do appreciate all the support & the comments! I am hoping my doTERRA business will take off as well .. i love being able to help ppl!!
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