Getting Pregnant Hot Topic: finances and trying to conceive

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Many people believe that you should be financially stable if you are trying to conceive. Still others don't worry about that as much and figure there's never a perfect time financially to have a child.

What is your opinion? Do you feel strongly about other people's choices if they are different from your own in this matter? Feel free to add to the discussion!

    First I think it's none of my business what other people decide for themselves.. with that said, LOL..

    I honestly don't think you can ever really be "ready".. whether it's financially or emotionally.. AS for finances, yes.. Ideally you want to not be struggling to pay rent or your bills, but I also think that I was SO surprised at what I DIDN'T actually NEED with the baby.. There are all these things.. seats, bouncy's, nipples, blankets, swings, mats.. UGH!!! SO many things and in all honesty, I hardly used ANY Of them...

    So, I think it's amazing what we were able to do with low finances when we had kids.. would it have been easier with more money? Maybe.. But I think waiting for that right time or right paycheck.. you can wait forever..
      Agreed! My fiance makes very good money, had actual real money in the bank, savings, owned his own rental properties, cars, you name it, he was "stable". Add to that a fiance, a baby and a mortgage on a bigger house and you quickly realize that "ready" does not exist.

      That being said, I think there are much more important things that make you as ready as you can be. Stability can stem from a solid relationship with your child's father, maturity level, your plans for the future, and your plans if things go south with any of the above.
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