Let's talk babywearing

Do you babywear? What kind of carriers do you prefer? Where do you wear?

    We had an Ergo and loved it and then we got a Beco and love that one even more. I have s short torso so the Beco fits my frame much better. My husband used the Ergo on a regular basis. I used a Moby Wrap when my babies we little and loved it too!
      Have you tried a high back carry in the buckle carrier? You put her on your back, but put the waist of the carrier high up on your torso, like right under your breasts. She'll be high enough to be able to look over your shoulder. That way, you have the convenience of babywearing, she can look out over your shoulder and front side to side, but she can also put her head down on you and closer her eyes if needed.
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