spoiled babies

you know ladies your first baby you give everything baby wants and more and the older the baby gets the more out of control it gets but then wen 2nd baby gets here you more calf and when baby cries you don't run to the baby right oway , and the older baby gets it gets more independent . That's my opinion bc that's how I see things.

    My older baby never got out of control, but I think what I can agree with on this.. is that my second child and third HAD to fuss longer than the others.. and because of that she's able to adapt more and comfort herself early on.. If she woke from a nap, but I was helping one of the kids with homework, I couldn't run right to her. so she was able to wait her turn.. the younger kids just get that they have to wait their turn.. the first borns ARE the turn..

    My first are not more independent though.. None of them were left long enough to find their own way..

    But I"m not sure what you mean in some of your post .. it's a big long sentence LOL.. are you asking? or stating from your experience?
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