Swimming and supervision

When do you think you would be comfortable letting your children swim without your direct supervision?

Both of my kids are great swimmers but I have yet to feel comfortable enough to let them swim without me being close by. I get REALLY nervous at the beach too, which annoys them.

    Oh Geez!!! My kids are both strong swimmers.. at 7 and 9 they have been swimming since they were 3.. BUT.. it's not them that I worry about, I worry about the environment.. too many kids in the pool, a raft, a floaty.. s strong drain..

    I don't let my kids go to a friends house to swim UNLESS it's a GOOD friend.. and I know that it's just my kids and theirs.. and even then it depends on the friend.. I have friends I trust with that and friends, whom I love but don't trust in water supervision.. either they have younger one to chase or they just don't take it as seriously as I do.. or I think they're kind of flaky..

    So, I'm SUPER strict on water and pool play.. NO camps with swimming, etc.. I just think it happens so fast.. they're chasing a ball and one kids climbs on another in PLAY and then all of a sudden that kids can't get up to air..

    as for beach.. I'm with them.. it's Los angeles, so we don't swim in the ocean here lol.. it's tot cold and gross :)
      lol yeah.. the beach out there certainly is different up close.... My mom was terrified of swimming so we all had to learn on our own. So I don't ever remember swimming when I was very young. I think my first memory is when dad put in one of those above ground pools right by the Eucalyptus tree and we always stepped on those little spikey things...


      I would say treat it like anything else. Maybe start out with an hour unsupervised to let your nerves relax and if it works move on to 2 and so on. Let us know how it works out!
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