pregnant with twins: what to expect during pregnancy?

Today, 1 in 30 newborns is a twin. Perhaps the biggest challenge facing an expectant mother of multiples is finding balance between the need to " normalize" her pregnancy and the need to acknowledge that there are increased risk associated with carrying more than one baby. With this elevated risk comes the burden of a worry far exceeding the general anxiety experienced by all new parents.
The best thing any parent-to-be can do in the face of fear is actively combat it with real knowledge and top-notch support, such as taking an evidence-based, normalized childbirth class designed especially for moms of multiples. Find that OB who is willing to talk about vaginal birth but who also isn't afraid to intervene if necessary. Find someone you trust. Hire birth doula not only experienced with, but passionate about the joyful delivery of multiples.
Most important-advocate for yourself as fervently as you would is this were a singleton pregnancy. Foe example, many mothers of multiples are put on bed rest to avoid preterm labor, even if there is no evidence of false labor.
On the flip side, there is a common practice of inducing twins at 38 weeks, perhaps before they are ready. Trust your instincts. Find a practice that is willing to give your ideal birth plan to try. There are plenty of groups where providers will deliver a breech baby "B" vaginally.
Even if both babies are positioned with the head down, a mama-to-be might be surprised to learn that she will still be moved to the OR for delivery, in anticipation of a possible one vaginal, one Cesarean situation. This can be distracting. However, in creating that foundation of knowledge, advocacy, and support throughout your pregnancy, you will plan for this and will find a way to keep your focus.

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