When only one parent attends Church.

I have recently decided to start attending Church again. It has been wonderful, Charlie loves staring at the stained glass and when I leave I am so at peace. I know I've made a good decision to return.

My fiance does not attend Church - let me be clear - it DOES NOT BOTHER ME. Not one bit. Religion is the most private and personal decision that one can make. He was 100% okay with me taking over this part of Charlie's life. To bring him to church, go to Sunday School when the time is right, and participate within the Church as he grows.

My question is.. when he's older than that, how do I explain why his dad doesn't go? I'm a firm believer that God is not in a box, so if he decided that he didn't want to go it would be his choice.. but as a Christian, as his Mother, it is my responsibility to lay this out for him and provide what I believe is a strong spiritual foundation.

When the time comes, what do I say?

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