Postpartum hair loss

Postpartum hair loss is normal and temporary. Hair growth cycle returns within 6-12 months. I noticed my hair was thinning around 3 months and I noticed lots of clumps. I was so scared, then I was reasurred that it was temporary and I could do a few of these things.

What can you do while you wait for your hair to return to its normal growth cycle?

Get a good haircut. Some moms choose this time to get a shorter haircut or one that requires less care.
Experiment with different hairstyles.
A good quality shampoo and conditioner may help.
Try different styling products, such as mousses or texturizers that “bulk up” the appearance of your hair.
Avoid using a brush or comb that pulls or stresses the hair.

    Eating a healthy diet rich in B vitamins and protein will give you healthier hair, but it won't stop post-pregnancy hair loss.…
    Yea, I looked it up a few months ago because i loose a chunk of hair every wash and I'm like oh no i'm gonna go bald lol, but I take my prenatal vitamin and flaxseed oil vitamin then eat a lot of vitamin b rich foods such as green peas, yams, broccoli, asparagus and turnip greens, also red meat, wheat bread, cereals, bran.
      Melissa Middleton
      Yes, I am losing a lot of hair, lately. I was wondering why. I am not too stressed. Thank you for posting this. I do eat a lot of vitamins and still take my prenatal vits but I keep losing hair, more than I should every time I shower or brush my hair. It is crazy. I have thick hair to begin with.

      I did get a hair cut. I got mine cut shorter a bit above my shoulders (it was down near my butt), layered, and textured. It was easier to maintain since I have thick hair and naturally curly. It took too long to comb out, shampoo and condition and style. With a nearly 3 month old, I needed a style that was easier and quicker to manage. I like it now and takes WAY less time.
        You have to put the hair loss in context. For most women, it's not that their hair is thinning. Actually, it's because your hair (and everything else!) grows a lot during pregnancy due to the hormones and not much of it falls out. So when you are not pregnant, the hair loss is mostly the "extra" hair you grew during pregnancy. For a few women, there is significant loss. In that case, you should get your thyroid checked.
          I hated this part! Always cleaning the drain in the shower! YUCK!
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