Funny thing happened to us on Monday

Gotta share this funny advice we were initially given by a company we ordered potting soil from....

We ordered a 1.25 cu.ft. tote which is a huge bag on a wood pallet. All my children would fit inside, though the older ones are taller than it. They were suppose to send it via truck with a lift gate so it could be unloaded, but the trucking company goofed and didn't. So when we emailed the soil company saying we had no way of unloading (we don't have a big tractor or forklift or even a pallet jack) and this is the initial response we got:

Can you tie it with a chain or rope to a tree and then the truck can drive a ahead?

We were like, what?! We DID NOT do this and the company delivered the tote today in a truck with a lift gate but we were dumbfounded by that suggestion.

How do you think you would have responded?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    Melissa Middleton
    I agree with what Sheila said.
      Sounds like something my husband would have actually done in that situation.. Lol... When we moved, we had a Jeep Comanche truck with no motor, so he rented the largest Uhaul just so that he could fit the truck inside of the Uhaul. 3 hours to get the truck inside it, and 1 hour to get it out, by tying it to a tree and driving the Uhaul forward lol
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