Thoughts on being an AP (attachment parenting) mom

We've practiced attachment parenting since our third child and I have enjoyed it so much more than how I parented our first two, which was similar but yet different. AP feels more natural to me and more in tune with my motherly instincts.

We allowed our children to nurse on demand, I wore our babies as much as I was able, we practice co-sleeping, the only babysitter our children have known is family and their piano teacher (who babysat once).

What about you?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    Amanda Hurley
    im with you, theresa. i love co sleeping, let my kids nurse on demand. i dont baby wear, but i do carry my babiez around. at a certain point, i teach them to play independantly, but i love have them close.
      Well... i never knew the term attachment parenting but I guess I have also practiced this without knowing! We have yet to entertain a babysitter. i just recently let my oldest go to a church event with a friend alone... ( I know crazy right... but usually I go too!)
        Leanne Spring
        My kids have all been the type to want to self soothe. I do wear them out in public but not at home.
          I just had to look it up really quick. After a tiny bit of research I realize that I am already, unconsciously, using attachment parenting. But it's only because I am now a stay at home mom and can now devote the time to my little one. I love her tremendously and enjoy having her close. I think it's important for parents to learn as they go, instead of listening to the advice (wanted or unwanted) of others. It's part of the fun of being a parent.
            I don't know all the differences between the different types of parenting. What is the main difference with it? Is it the nursing?
            8Theresa Gould
            It is all aspects: nursing on demand, baby wearing, co-sleeping. I think Dr. William Sears is an attachment parenting advocate so reading anything he has written will give you a good idea about the whole concept, @CassaundraOwens.
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