Suggestions? Has anyone experienced this?

Ok I am hoping some of you fellow mommies have gone through something like this. My son has suddendly decided he hates his bassinet and it is really hard now to get him to sleep in it. He will fall asleep in my arms and then I put him in the bassinet and he raises hell. I lay him on my bed and he falls asleep and then I try to move him to the bassinet and he raises hell again. I have tried so many things like music, rocking him and various stuff but he just does NOT want to be in the bassinet. I have been just giving in and sleepng with him snuggled up to me just because I've been sick and he's kept me up so much we both need the sleep, but I don't want him getting used to the bed and we don't have room in the bedroom for a full crib (we live in an RV right now). So... I don't know what to do really. Any ideas?

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    I really do not have any ideas. We've co-slept with most of ours.
      Thanks guys. I do like to snuggle with him in bed but I heard co-sleeping isn't very safe and they get used to sleeping with you and then you have trouble later on. We have a crib for him out in the lounge room area of the RV but both hubby and I don't feel comfortable having him so far away at night yet. Maybe we will just have to go ahead and start moving him to the crib, or will have to bring him into bed with us.
      I WAS thinking maybe of getting one of those baby swings since it would fit in the space and thought maybe he could sleep in that but he's so big I doubt he'd fit in it very long.
        I would say this isn't uncommon.. but find something that works for you.. you don't have to worry about what others are doing.. to each their own! We co-sleep with Monroe from time to time, but to start, he sleeps in a bassinet next to our bed.. co-sleeping isn't dangerous if you are aware of him.. in fact, many suggest that it helps prevent SIDS.. so just find what works for you all!
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