So I just told my husband that I'm not really that hungry and that my appetite just kinda disappeared over the past couple of days... Instead of asking why or trying to figure it out, he just says "Well if you don't eat, then you wont have any nutrition for the baby..."
I feel like I'm doing this alone.. I wake up with her at night, and he doesn't even budge.. I comfort her when she cries.. I change her diapers.. I just feel like I'm doing it all on my own!

He does this thing where he mentions how tired he is.. and it drives me crazy... no, I don't have to walk all over the place at work, and I don't even have a job.. but I did give birth 2 weeks ago.. and while I may sit on my butt all day, I am completely exhausted all the time!
    I know how you feel! Take charge and tell him he needs to be a part of her life too!
      Why are you hinting at him with saying things to get his reaction? What did u want him to say? U want him to show concern and worry and make u feel taken care of? You're fragile after birth for quite some time.
      But he's not going to know that. You need to ask for things. Even him to show love .. They just all don't know how.
      But don't say things that you're hoping to get a specific answer for.. Cause it will leave u sad. And he's right. Lol. But that's a guy. You stated a problem, he gave a reason to have a solution. They're working on a totally different level than we are.
      Maybe he is feeling the sudden pressure if being the sole provider for your kids. The only one. Maybe has scared too .. Guys handle it differently.. They go into man cave mode and we feel needy and want to be cared for.
      Tell him!!!! Tell him how u feel!!!!! Not what he's doing wrong but what U need. I bet he hasn't a clue.
      But don't get mad at him yet. Let him in first then see..
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