my little dare devil

My daughter turned 1 in Feb and she has got to be such a stubborn little dare devil. She loves to climb and jump run basically anything and everything to keep up with her brother. The past couple days she has decided to start a new "game" called step off bed. basically she will take off running on the bed and just run/jump/walk right off. No one is there to catch her and its not something we have been trying to get her to do. She laughs hysterically, gets up, and does it all over again. This is just one of the things she loves to do. She is also learning how important it is to wear a helmet when on a skateboard. Santa got our 4 yr a skateboard for Christmas and apparently the little dare devil thinks its hers. At least she understands that in order to get on it she has to have a helmet. Regardless, she scares the crap out of me with everything she attempts.

my little dare devilmy little dare devil
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