..going coo coo for sleep! :)

Mamas.. care to share the craziest thing you have done in your sleep deprivation state? I ask because my dear friend shared the FUNNIEST story of getting up and nursing her baby so much during the night, totally lacking on sleep and one early morning, her husband went to get ready for work.. and she (no idea why) swore she had dropped her baby on the floor and immediately dropped on her hands and knees screaming for her husband and crawling to look for her baby.. who.. was sound asleep in her crib.. ha!!! I also had a friend who during their sleepless nights, the baby woke up crying.. the husband said he would change the diaper quick.. well a few minutes passed and the baby was still crying so the wife asked if everything was okay.. got up to look.. only to find the husband was diapering the DOG.. oh man!!

We haven't had anything super weird like that happen.. yet! :)

Have you?

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        When my son was born he refused to take a bottle and he ate ever hour! One night after feeding him when he was a few weeks old, I went to walk into the room to lay him down and didn't realize the door was closed and I ran right into it with his head! He woke right up of course and looked at me like was crazy!
        Then one day not long after that we were grocery shopping and we had two carts, one for food and one for baby. I was pushing the cart with baby and talking to him and my husband was pushing the other cart...so I thought. After a few minutes it seemed people were looking at me strange. My husband had wandered off somewhere. I kept walking and talking to baby and putting stuff in the cart. I spotted my husband at the other end of the store...with the cart with baby! I had been wandering around for the last ten minutes talking baby talk to a cart full of groceries! Lol
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