Tips for starting an at home business

Tips for starting an at home business...

I've been working on an at home business (or two) for quite some time now. In the time I've been working on them, I've learned a few things... albeit, I don't always stick to my own advice.

Know when to turn work off. Seriously. Working from home, especially if you work on tons of things all at once can turn home into work, and then where is there to go? You have to have downtime so you don't burn out. Or, if you're not a burnout type of gal, you have to have downtime to spend with family, catch up with friends. Confidence in a business is a must, but if it were for some unknown reason to fail... You don't want to have burned your bridges and alienated the people who love you. It's easy to get sucked into a passion, I know from experience, but the important people come first.

Have a plan. It doesn't have to be some 150 page document outlining everything you intend to do in the next decade, but do have some sort of plan. What is your goal? How will you reach your targeted audience? How much time will you spend on networking? On working? How much do you intend to make and how will you achieve that figure? Will you outsource any of the work? However, make the plan FLEXIBLE. Things change. You never know when you might get an amazing opportunity that might not be quite what you expected, but can lead to great things and further your goals over time.

Be prepared to make an initial commitment of time to get things up and running.

Search around for bargains on services, but don't necessarily always take the cheapest one. Pay for the quality you need. High cost doesn't necessarily mean high quality. The reverse is also true. Keep your options open.

Network, network, network. Let me say it again. NETWORK. Not just on a professional level, REALLY network. Befriend these people. A little camaraderie goes a loooong way in the business world.

Lastly, don't sell yourself short. Have confidence. Don't think just because you're new you have to undercharge immensely. If you're good at what you do/sell, have your prices reflect that.

Oh, and don't forget to pay yourself. I'm not so good at this one yet. I'm a firm believer in putting what you make back into your business, but you should still get some of the profits for your hard work.

What about you ladies? What tips do you have for starting an at home business?

    Wonderful post much information. I agree Stefany that networking can be SO very important! i do not mind investing time if i have a proper network!
      What stuck out most to me while reading your post, was to take time out for yourself and the people that mean the most. I agree that every effort should be made to succeed , and that hard, hard work and long hours are required to make anything work well. When all is said and done though, if you have alienated those that are closest to you, all the money and success in the world would literally mean nothing.
        6Miranda Smith
        Do any mom's out their suggest at home businesses? I currently work for Sykes- Alpine I love it however, I am looking for a networking but no Avon...sorry but I do not wear makeup but once or twice a Shoot me ideas I love to research...
        Hey Miranda Smith, have you thought about starting something that's completely your own? You can make money doing just about anything. What's your passion? Or even your hobby? There's Etsy stores if you're a crafter. If you have a passion for Swiss cheese, you can start a tasting blog and offer the finest Swiss cheese in the world (and maybe wine too!) through affiliate programs and a lot of companies will send you cheese to taste for free as long as you let your readers know. I'm being silly with the cheese thing, lol, but I mean it. You can make ANYTHING lucrative with the right mindset and time. Sometimes the tiniest niches, like smoked Swiss cheese, can be the best because the people coming to your site are passionate too and definitely interested.

        Do you have any skills or services you can offer people? The internet can teach you anything for free. You could translate if you know another language, make Youtube videos, be a virtual assistant, or make your own yarn by customer request. The sky's the limit!!

        Feel free to inbox me and I'd be happy to help point you in the right direction depending on your answers.

        I really suggest to help find your goals and passions reading that category on the Steve Pavlina website. Also, Coursera and edX offer free online classes on starting a business and finding your creative passion all the time.

        I took a creativity course on Coursera once and SOOOO many people found partners to work with on new ideas they had never even thought about and who went on to have lucrative businesses just by talking to their peers. It's worth a shot!
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