Long day

Well i was in the hosptal from 9am-3pm. Ive been in bad pain and this is prob tmi but i couldnt make a bowel movement for anything without gettin sick so i wa constantly pukig. Well my period ended on friday. Well last night i randomly started to bleed. Woke up i was still feeling sick. So they did all these tests. Im not pregnant, i have irritable bowel syndrome and the reason i was puking was because thas my body's onl way of getting rid of waste because i couldnt make an easy bowel. But they still dont know why i was randomly bleeding. So i have to see a specialists and see my ob bout my birth control.

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I got pregnant at 18, had him month after I turned 19. Currently 21. I work full time, full time student and full time momma to Mr. Carter Layne Kennedy. He was born august 23rd,2012. Was born 2w3d early. 6lbs 7oz 21in. I had a VERY hard pregnancy.