between 4-5 months

Mikey was never really crawled, he scooted around at about 4 months, pulled himself up at 5 months and then took first step at 6 months, by 8 months he was walking,he has always been a little ahead. Caroline started army crawling at 5 months, she is almost 7 months now, and has started trying to pull herself up and stand on her knees while in the playpen, floors are too smooth for her to do that outside of playpen, i think that is also why she does the army crawl, she can get up on all fours, but as soon as she starts to move she tends to slip to her belly and it sort of looks like she is swimming across the floor

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    its on the top of our list. lol, its amazing how different my kids are, Mikey was always quiet as a baby, and he didnt get into anything, never even had to baby proof the house, at least not until he was about 2, thats when he finally started really exploring, but Caroline, is everywhere, she doesnt stop moving, even in her sleep, changing her and dressing her is a disaster, where as mikey was pretty easy, with exception of spraying everything down when we changed him. whoever said boys are easy wasnt wrong lol
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