I agree with Stefany, I had headaches when pregnant too...Migraines even! I had to get the prescription!

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    UGH!!!! I never had migraines until I was pregnant with my daughter.. and they were awful.. especially awful because I was told by everything online to "lay in dark room for hours with cold compress".. UM.. first.. I had two kids.. a toddler and my step son in kinder... and there was NO laying down in dark room.. at all.. Ever..

    They were so bad that I was miserable.. and My Doctor, telling m that it was worse on my body to have the migraine.. with high BP, etc.. and gave me vicodin.. Which was better to take than anything else.. and it was life saving some days..
      I had headaches all the time while pregnant with Hayden. I ended up getting a baltic amber necklace for myself and it was fantastic!! Didn't have another headache after putting it on - I still wear it every day :)
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