Sensory Activities for Infants

My daughter at four months is very curious and adventurous. I needed something more stimulating for her to do, so I got a zip lock bag, filled it with hair gel and put buttons inside, tape around the edges and put her on her tummy. She loves the way it squishes back and forth! My next sensory project will be small bottles filled with glitter and small objects that are bright. What do you do to keep your Infant busy?

    I made the bottle one because she's always trying to take my bottle.
      My daughter is still very young so I read to her mostly. I like to get her books that have the different textures in them so that I can take her hand to the book.
        8Theresa Gould
        We propped books up around them when they had floor time or put additional toys and colors on their bouncy seat or car seat when we were in the car.
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