Do YOU still have your childhood stuffed animal or blanket??

When I was 7 it was my dads birthday and I was given $10 to pick something out for him from the Hallmark store.. I chose an orange stuffed doggy.. and when I gave it to him, he liked it but then asked me if I would like to keep it for him.. and I've had it ever since.. My dad died whenI was 9 and maybe that's why I had it and loved it for so long.. not sure, but it's been through so much.. sewed together over and over..

I STILL have it!!! It sits next to my bed.. and it's terrifying lol.. it's got an eyeball missing and the ears are all weird and it looks like it's been through some life.. But my kids know it and love that I still have mine..

His name is "Stanley Pee Dog".. I don't know why.. I don't know when I named him.. I'm pretty sure my dad named him.. and now in hindsight, I think that the Pee, was supposed to be an initial .. not pee..

What is yours??

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