so just finished talking to my ex husband about our son. Child support (that he has not paid in 3 years) school, and visitation for this summer. My sons father does not call, does not involve himself in our sons life at all. he comes, spends a bunch of money on stuff that our son doesnt need, or that i dont want him to have, then leaves, and goes back to his life. and we dont hear from him again until its time for another visit. Mikey came back on Jan 18th from a 3 week visit, and unless i call him, we have not heard anything from him, I know he is in school, and has classes, but he isnt working, and i know he takes time to go to stupid tournaments for MAGIC THE GATHERING (think pokemon, but instead its a bunch of older men playing, with a few women thrown into the mix) which I know from experience when he would drag me to them, isnt cheap, but can never pick up the phone or get online to talk to his son. and Mikey always ends up with his feelings hurt. my father is supposed to visit this summer, as well as my sister, and my kids god mother, and now my ex wants to come get mikey for the entire summer, knowing i have these plans, and that i am hoping to get mikey enrolled in some sports, not to mention he starts kindergarten this year so theres that to prepare for. Am i wrong to say he cant have him for the whole summer. i am having a hard time letting him go for a few weeks, because i know that my son will come back home heart broken again because its the same routine every time, my son doesnt even call him daddy or dad, he calls him by his name, he knows who his father is, but refuses to call him anything but kenny. He calls my SO daddy, and its been that way for nearly 3 years now. I want to do the right thing. but what is that?

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