okay. soooo last week or so. i SWEAR to Gosh. that my bf put "it" in at least once and my sexy body! has him on edge. anyways! he disagrees and denies it happens. freaking annoying me because i remember!! anyways. its 2 weeks until my next period (because they have started to regulate) and im having bad cramps and a weird blood"streak/spot" idk. im just freaking out!!
like he really doesnt believe he "cummed/precummed" in side of me.... gos that was hard to say.
anyways!!! what if im pregnant?! will he even believe its his? idk
but i just feel like something is off. it would explain my other symptoms....

help me die XD lol im freaking out.
i just wanted to say this. no need to respond XD

    I'm a little confused. Are you saying that he ejaculated inside you and you think you might be pregnant? If you're concerned and are not planning a pregnancy you can see your local Planned Parenthood for free protection for him.

    As far as believing if it's his... if you are in a monogamous relationship there should be no question. If not, my advice is for you to sit down with him and have a long talk, whether you're pregnant or not.
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        Yep, what Brande and Meg said. Nothing you can do but stress about it for the next couple weeks... and stress won't do anything for you one way or the other. So... as impossible as it is, try not to worry and just wait it out!
          8Theresa Gould
          I agree with everyone else. Hang in there during your wait!
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