I feel so sad :-(

I feel so sad :-( right now I can't explain it but I don't feel good I almost passed out I was home alone with my 2 year old son and my twin boys , my boyfriend wasn't home I get these bad ass headache.. I wanna go sit in the tub or wait until my boyfriend come back home

4AntoinetteHouston, Texas
    Oh no :( Have you been eating and drinking today? I know if I don't drink enough fluids I get super grumpy and sometimes I even pass out.
      8Theresa Gould
      Oh my, that doesn't sound so good. Is there someone you can call to come over until your boyfriend gets home?
        Its all over my head and yes my boyfriend came back but still feel bad I don't know what to do anymore about my headaches plus i I'll be having lower back pain its hard to sleep with back pains n headaches and to top it off chest pain
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