Friends sharing concerns about children

Let's say you saw some red flag behaviors in a child you knew and were relatively close to the parents. Would you bring it up to the parents or not? Why?

    8Theresa Gould
    I don't know. It depends on what the concerns are. I feel I'd have to be super close with the parents but yet when I had concerns about this one girl and the mom's interpretation of her daughter's weight, I said something because I didn't think it was healthy for this mom to be projecting these unhealthy thoughts on a 16 year old. The girl was in no way overweight either. I guess I was able to do that because of my own issues with weight and how what certain people said to me affected me as a teen and as an overweight child.
      If the red flags were something very serious as in abuse (sexual or any other) or if you feel the child is putting his or herself in danger then yes id speak up. Anything else id keep to myself.
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