My daughter SHOULD be in trouble, but instead.. I let it go and praised her..

Long story short, the neighbor girl.. the bratty one was being extra bratty to Addison.. not playing fairly, picking on her.. telling her the ball she threw was out, when it wasn't..

NOT the first time this has happened.. and my daughter did EXACTLY what I told her to do.. with a little more flavor than I had hoped.. lol..

She came up the stairs in a huff, washed her hands and came to me and asked to speak with me privately (away from her brother).. So, I dropped what I was doing and sat on her bed with her.. and the tears POURED out.. she went on a rant about how this girl was acting this way and being that way and how she tried to reason, but she's .. and I quote..

"Mom. she's just be a big jerk.. A big jerk ass face."

The paused to look at me and see if I would stop her.. BUT I didn't.. I stifled a laugh.. and took her VERY seriously.. then she continued.. about her saying mean things and throwing the ball AT her rather than TO her and not going out when she was clearly OUT.. and she's full of tears and snot and doing the heavy breathing and her little Irish fair cheeks are bright red and she's spitting a little and I SEE that she's really upset, but handled it.. and I let her vent and spew it out and she said it again..

"Just a big jerk ass face mom.. But I would never say that TO her, cause I know then I'd be one too"

And I nodded.. and smiled and hugged her and kissed her and told her how amazing she is that 3 years younger than her she was able to walk away, breathe and cry to ME and hold her head high...And she said, "sorry to use those names.." and I smiled.. and KNEW she just needed some bigger words to express HOW much of a brat this girl was being..

and I said, "you wanna say it ONE more time.. with energy?"

and she laughed.. and said "She is a big fat jerk ass face"..

and I said, okay.. no more.. not out of this home and this was a get out of jail free..You can ALWAYS come to me and I love you madly..

SO.. I don't approve of name calling, but man.. "poopy head" just would NOT have cut it here.. and I'm so glad she felt safe enough that she know that she could just let it rip.. and also really glad that she ddn't drop the F bomb or anything like that.. THAT would have been a problem..

And she's right.. this little girl is a TOTAL JERK ASS FACE...

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    Thank you!!! It's so funny as I'm sitting there listening to her.. I'm thinking SHOULD I say something.. what would a GOOD mom do.. and then I thought screw it.. this kid IS a jerk ass face and my daughter needs to vent and let it out and I want her to feel safe..

    so thank you.. yes, I feel proud of myself too.. lol
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