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I'm almost 12 weeks so lately i have been not getting full lung capasity and i am breathing harder i feel like there is no room is this normal

    Not normal at 12 weeks.. are you worried about anything? What happens if you exercise? Do you have allergies or anything going on? Call your Doc just to check, but feeling that heavy can't catch a breath feeling shouldn't happen until later when you're carrying actual weight of baby and more of yourself.. But It can't be the baby, cause the baby is waaaaaayyyyyy away from your lungs right now and the size of a loogy.. So, I'm guessing it's unrelated.. you coughing? wheezing? Anxiety?

    Sometimes it's worse when you think about it more.. if I think about breathing, and focus on it, I suddenly seem to miss a breath or can't take a deep one..
      it is still there once in bit but I was panicing for a few days because it was happening, my sister had the same thing around 12 weeks with her first baby and even more so with her boy that she is carrying right now, I just recently stopped smoking, and yes my ob new about the smoking but I had told her I was cutting it as quickly and slowly without harming the baby so yeah i think that is happening because of this too. but my mom and my sister did not do well carrying boys, so yeah they got even sicker and things were happening to soon or to late lol then most :) and I have gained since and i have a little bulge that i can no longer suck in and its making me mad ... but the breathing only happens when i get excited plus i am allergic to the tree in front of my house.
        and I am overweight so that does not help it lol but all the symptoms are still strong especially nausea lol tender breasts are starting to slow down and be nice sometimes and all that <3
          yeah i will by then i will be 14 weeks
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