What is the best way to deal with it? Do you just ride it out or take meds? how many of you have gone or are going through it? Lately I have found myself not answering my phone for anyone or anything unless it deals with my kids. I don't want to converse, or really be touched. I have separated my self and spend most of my time just sitting in the kitchen. I've tried the meds and have had really bad effects. such as: insomnia(which I already have but gets worse on meds, to were I stay up for two days straight) I see things that are not there or just become numb. sometimes I just sleep for hours. Does anyone know if meditation or something works?

4Milagro RiveraMilwaukee, Wisconsin
    I understand exactly where you're coming from!! I've had problems with it my entire life and the best thing for you to do is talk to your doctor. Explain the symptoms and then explain what happens with the medications that you've tried. If the doctor is unhelpful, which trust me it happens, find a different, more understanding one. There is no reason you should have to go through your day feeling like this and it might take a combination of medicine before you find your balance!

    Good luck and remember- It's completely NORMAL!
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