busting the six-meal myth

True or false: eating six meals a day, instead of of three large ones, will help you lose weight. Based on health advice in recent years, many of us would answer "true"-but we'd be wrong. New research has widely debunked this belief. In fact, there is a growing body of scientific support for sticking to three meals.
A 2013 University of Colorado study reports that increasing meals from three to six has no significant effect on metabolic rate or fat oxidation. In fact, the study shows that frequent nibbling actually increases hunger and the desire to eat.
A 2013 report from Prague's Institute for Clinical and experimental Medicine found that when people with type 2 diabetes ate two large meals a day for 12 weeks, they dropped more weight that those who ate six meals, and they reduced their body mass index by 1.23 points.
Muscles can benefit from less frequent meals as well. A University of Oslo study discovered that eating three meals a day, rather than six, produces greater muscle and strength gains. And muscles is an excellent fat-burners.
The cherry on top? Three meals a day are more likely to provide a well-rounded diet. The planning and prep involved in eating six mini-meals daily ca be difficult, making it tempting to just grab a yogurt for every meal instead.

    Very interesting. I recently did a round of Whole30 which includes no snacking between meals and I have to say, being forced to eat correctly during the meals so I wouldn't want or need to snack made a huge difference for me. It was much easier to avoid smaller snacks etc once I ate correctly for my 3 meals!
      I disagree totally and completely.. LOL.. Not that I don't think you can have a healthy lifestyle and diet with three meals a day, but as a fitness instructor and trainer and having lost and kept off my own weight and being in the best shape of my life at 40, I am a totally advocate for 6 small meals a day..

      First, it depends on the meals.. you can't eat french fries and chips or a big sandwich.. you have to eat smaller portions.. and then if you need to snack, you can't have chips.. you have to eat fruit.. BUT with the 6 meals a day.. I never, ever needed or wanted a snack..

      Eating 6 small meals, increases your metabolism. yes, but also keeps your energy level up and your body burning the fuel you're giving it and so you're ready for your next small meal.. it's fuel..

      The danger, of rme I think in 3 meals a days is that people over eat.. and then feel sluggish.. or they eat wrong.. and get tired and then crave sweets..

      In all honesty, I don't think there is a magic meal number that is better than the others.. what works for you and your lifestyle..

      I for one, think full heartedly that it's not how much you eat, it's what you eat.. and bottom line is if you're not working out.. and I mean working OUT.. not walking a mile or sitting lightly on the bike fir 15minutes, I mean really working out.. then it shouldn't matter how many meals you have as long as you don't let yourself get hungry OR over eat..
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