Little Girl Shaves Head for Friend With Cancer-Get's Punished By School

This is just ridiculous to me! This little girl shaved her head in solidarity to support a friend with cancer. Her mom told the school ahead of time to expect her to look like this when she came to school next and the school told her that she wouldn't be allowed back until her hair grew back!

What do you think? I think the school it totally in the wrong for this. I understand they don't want distractions at school but its not like she is doing it out of rebellion, she is doing it to support a friend!

Melissa Middleton
Gross but funny...I'll save my son's dirty diapers. LOL
5Marissa Melville
Your awesome! thats so true lol
    4Santana Ferrell
    i as a mother am proud of that girl and disappointed with that school districts decision
      Melissa Middleton
      What gives the school the right to tell anyone how to style their hair? And the girl was doing it as a sweet gesture. The school is only showing that they do not care for sick children and sending the wrong message. I believe the parents has the grounds to sue the school. I applaud the little girl who did this since girls are usually particular about their hair. She has a sweet soul and I hope the school gets punished for what they did to her. What is wrong with some people in the world today? Little boys shave their heads but a young lady cannot do so to show support for her sick friend? Shame on the school.
        Comment deleted
        I completely agree Debi! If this decision was made on emotion then so what! She acted to support a friend! I think more people should be making decisions like this girl! We need to celebrate people like her, I feel like situations like these are what makes kids hesitant to step up and support someone who is being bullied, stepping in when someone is doing something wrong, you can't make them feel they are going to get in trouble for doing the right thing!
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