Baby scared of bath

I think I lucked out with Charlie, baths have always been his favorite thing. He has a little baby tub but he has a great time splashing around with him so I get in with him. Some possible ways to make him not so scared... does he have a favorite toy? If it can get wet that might work, or buy some toys that can be put in the bath so it's more like fun time than a bath. Sometimes if Charlie's a bit bummed out and not really enjoying it I'll bring him in with me and give him a baby massage with some soapy water, it calms him down and takes away the "bath" stimulation that might be bugging him.

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    Aw.. glad that Charlie loves it!

    Sometimes I wonder if babies are "scared" of baths or just "uncomfortable" somehow when they don't seem to be enjoying it.. like perhaps the parents mistake one for the other, no? That being said.. Monroe didn't seem to love his first two baths, but then we realized keeping his "nether regions" covered and a warm towel on his belly totally helped and now he loves them! :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Some of ours loved the water and others it took them some time to get use to it. Just depends.
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