Saving Money

How many mothers look for new ways of mananging and saving money?

    I would guess most mothers look for ways to manage and save money! I know when I became a mom, we cut a few things out of our lives to be able to afford the things we wanted and needed for our baby.
      8Theresa Gould
      I do but I've kind of given up in a way because our expenses are always higher than we expect. That's the life of a large family. Anything can and usually does happen.

      We are using free wood pallets to make animal stalls.
      We are growing our own food.
      We shop at thrift stores as much as possible.
      We try looking for used before buying new.
      We own used cars.
      We bake and cook from scratch.
        We are always looking for new way to save money. We try to reuse as many products as we can and reduce our spending as much as possible.
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