Blah! No good very bad day!

A list of occurrences so far:

Super late for work; let my hair air-dry, and it looks crazy; forgot to put on face moisturizer!Baby woke very fussily, even after a ton of sleep--when will teething end?
Hubby says, "This house is a mess!," which I perceive to be a statement that shows he accepts no blame, argh.A speed camera took a picture of me doing 35 in a 35 (!?!)--I am obsessed with driving the speed limit, so if I get a ticket, I'm going to go nuts.
Went for drive-thru to pick up lunch, discovered I forgot my wallet! Kind cashier gave me a free soda.
Watched my train pull away because it left a minute early. Had to wait for the next one.
Typed up my project on the train, closed my laptop, reopened it at work, and discovered that I (A) forgot to save, and therefore (B) lost all of my progress.

I think I've hit the point where this is just funny instead of aggravating...maybe.

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    It should! I think the fact that I typed this all up and then laughed is a good sign. :) Thanks for the kind words!
      Oh no!!! Murphy's law right? When it rains....

      The good news is IT'S FRIDAY!!!! Maybe you will have a super amazing weekend to make up for a bummer day today ;)
        8Theresa Gould
        Sorry your day has been less than stellar. Hope your evening is relaxing and your have a wonderful weekend!
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