Cuddling babies

I love cuddling Charlie. It relaxes me and it's a wonderful bonding experience for both of us. I don't know how much it benefits babies but I know when we lay in bed and cuddle and play before bedtime he sure smiles a lot.. that can't be a bad thing :)

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    Cuddles are fantastic! I firmly believe it is beneficial for both you and baby to have some snuggling time. Even now with my older kids we make sure to cuddle often. At their age, they don't understand what the word "Love" means... they have to hear it and feel it, and cuddling and hugs are a great way to show it!
      8Theresa Gould
      I definitely agree! i just don't have any more babies, just a preschooler and older children now.
        Cuddling has proven benefits for both of you. Hormones are released during cuddling that are calming, stress reducing and even pain relieving. Enjoy it!
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