my son is 11 months tomorrow ever other day or every 3 days my son has really hard time pooping and i dont know y. but the others days he poops just fine. im not sure what to do. we cut out anything that could make this happen and that didnt work out.

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      Agree with Meg - I would chat with your doctor. It will probably be cured just by adding in more fiber to his diet (prunes are a quick and easy way) but your doctor should be aware so they can keep an eye on it as well.
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        I agree with what the others have suggested. I usually just increased their fruits and veggies.
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        married have one kid and im a cna i had one miscarriage before my son. we had been trying for 2.5 years when that happend. then it took us 8 more months to make my son. he means everything to me. makes me happy when im down. im so happy he is my son
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