i am new...I will be talking, sharing, and loving every minute!!!!!

I am Miranda thank you all for your kindness and warm welcome. I have 6 children, 3 boys, 3 girls. Their ages are 25, 23,23,21,21, and 19. I have a grandson Kayden 3 and a set of twin granddaughters 2. I live with the twins daughter and her hubby. They are my life...lol I will not be shy again thank you for your welcome Miranda

6Miranda SmithFayetteville, North Carolina
    Melissa Middleton
    Hello there. My mother had 6 kids as well, all girls and raised them herself. Welcome to Moms. :) I am a new mother of an 11 week old boy, Jonah. He is my world.
      6Miranda Smith
      Ladies you all sound wonderful...I can;t wait to jump in and post and share my stories...Twin grands are the best...they do the most amazing things...Thank you for the warm welcome...more to come
        Hi Miranda! Nice to meet you! Man that's a lot of twins lol. Looking forward to hearing all your stories.
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