Madeleine Jane

Madeleine is pronounced as to rhyme with, "twelve little girl in two straight lines," although we spelled it after the French cookie.

My husband's grandmother's name is Jane, and my grandmother's name is Janet, so we borrowed that.

My husband and I threw a bunch of names around, but when we said Madeleine, it just fit. And she was born, and she was Madeleine. There was no doubt. :)

Moms Expertise
    Love it!! I love that the name is special and has meaning to you. And I love that her name fits her so well :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I've always liked the name Madeleine and it was on our list for the longest time until someone we knew was considering it and a neighbor had a daughter with similar but different name. We are no longer in touch with either.
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