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I usually order quite a bit on I really like them. They ship things according to the shipping date. One time something didn't come and they gave me a refund right away. I have been looking on and they have some things I have thought about ordering for a decent price. H
as anyone ordered anything from this site?

    Hey Amanda.. amazon is amazing! So it Etsy! I don't know if you realize, but Etsy is just a hub for hundreds or thousands of individual online shops.. thus, when you order "from Etsy" you are ordering from a unique and handmade designer.. I have ordered and connected with sooo many handmade designers on Etsy and have had nothing but amazing things to say about each of them! But just remember that all shops are individual :)
      I order a lot from etsy, but it totally depends on the store you are ordering from. Each store on there has their own policies for shipping, returns, and everything else.
        8Theresa Gould
        I have ordered a few things from Etsy and have had very good experiences with the sellers.
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