I second redirection!

We're at exactly 18 months and redirection is key.

Most of my baby's tantrums are usually the result of me not letting her do something--say, climb on our ottoman, sit backwards on the couch, or steal her dad's cell phone right out of his hands--things like that. I still say no, and try to explain in very simple words (or single words, if possible) what I'm to get her to do or stop doing, but sometimes the hurricane comes anyway. In those cases, I hold on to her to make sure she doesn't hurt herself, as she's fond of throwing herself backwards with her hands in the air when she's angry. I try to give her words for her feelings, usually "mad" or "angry." And, maybe this is just me, but I apologize. I don't like making her mad any more than she likes being mad, but her safety is most important. As soon as she's distractable, though, I go for it--songs, a book, dancing, tickling, anything to help her focus on something besides how angry she is.

It's still a work in progress.

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No, no formal timeouts yet..unless you consider the act of disrupting undesirable behavior a type of timeout, and I suppose it can be. I just know that every time I disrupt what she's going to do, she's going to get upset, and I can either get swept away by the tantrum or try to distract. I don't really feel like she's developmentally ready for any other actions yet, and that's okay.
    I think apologizing is a very important thing. Even though we have to be the bad guys sometimes, it doesn't mean we have to enjoy it. And I know i don't want my kids to think the tone of voice I use when disciplining them is something I enjoy using/doing.
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      Re-direction is sooo helpful when they are little!
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