..things change, but all for the better :)

Life is funny.. in that life keeps moving on and life cycles, marriage, babies, etc.. it just happens.. in waves :) I know it's always an adjustment when the first friend in the group gets married or has a baby.. but then we all seem to catch up.. and we even all have that "aha" moment.. that we can finally relate when we get to that same point in life.. I feel like going out nights and parties and celebrations.. they all change for the better.. the more sweet babes the merrier! :)

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    So very true!! It is hard to be the first one to have babies or make any other big life change because especially with children people just don't get it until they are there. But eventually, your friends will figure out what your new priorities are and will adjust their expectations accordingly :)
      8Theresa Gould
      Things changed more when we got married than they did when we started having children. So did our friends. It was kind of weird.
        I was one of the first of my friends to have a baby. My friend Kaitlyn is going through this right now where everyone seems to be moving much faster than she is. She's waiting to get married and have kids and just doing her own thing right now with school. She knows she'll catch up and in the meantime she loves spoiling my Lucas. :)
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