..first time away.. over night!

Mamas.. I am not planning on being without Monroe over night anytime soon.. but I got to wondering when/how old your baby was when you first left them, completely overnight and was away from them?

I have been away from Monroe for 3-4 hours at a time.. but that's it.. but I would just love to hear when you were away over night.. and.. be honest.. how did you do?? hehe

    Mason and Audrey were both left alone when I had their younger siblings... so Mason's first time was right around 18 months, Audrey's around 2 years... both times I was much too busy being focused on myself and my recovery as well as the new baby to worry too much about them... though I did miss them terribly and was very happy to get back home!!

    I left them both for a work conference in October and that was tough... but again I was crazy busy, and I had Hayden with me so it wasn't like I was completely alone focusing on missing them.

    I think the first time I leave them alone alone... like don't have any of them with me at all will be REALLY tough. But I'm not ready to do that yet... considering a trip in May without them, but I'm leaning towards taking Hayden with me :)
      8Theresa Gould
      I never left any of ours overnight. The first time I left any of our children overnight was when our fourth was four months old and I discovered my dad had lung cancer. I took baby with me and left the others with my husband to go home to Canada to see my dad and the rest of my family.
        My girls will be 4&5 at the end of July begining of august and THEY HAVE NEVER SPENT THE NIGHT ANYWHERE!!!! Seriously though, when they were younger i was never comfortable them spending the night anywhere and now theyre old enough to tell me they dont want to. Its not something i want to force on them. Am I crazy? I did have to be without Myla when I was in the hospital having Zayla but she was at home with my husbands aunt and he went home at night to be with her.
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