Your first Tattoo

What is your first tattoo and what is the meaning behind it?

Kayla DeLeonSpooner, Wisconsin
    I drew tribal wings, its on my upper back.
      4Santana Ferrell
      shooting stars for my baby who passed away
        Cannot stand needles... so too scared to get one... also not sure if I would like the permanency of a tattoo. But always great to hear about everyone else! not to be a downer but when I think of tattoos all I can think of is my grandfather telling us that his tattoo was the stupidest thing he ever had done and never to disgrace our bodieswith a tattoo. Now is tatoo was done in the 30's so it was a bit rough...I wounder what he would think of the artwork of todays tatoos??? (That is if you get a good quality one...I have seen bad ones out there too)
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